Applied Botany Lab

Renato Bruni (contact and Scopus profile) is Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology at the University of Parma. His research work started back in 2000 and covers all the aspects of phytochemical analysis by means of chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques; pharmacognostic, chemical and biomolecular quality control in herbal drugs and food ingredients; agronomic, ecological and genetic factors affecting secondary metabolite production in edible and medicinal plants; Biological and pharmacological activities of botanicals. Renato has published more than 70 papers in peer reviewed ISI journals to date and 5 book chapters; his works have been cited more than 1500 times during the last 10 years and he has an H-index of 28 (Scopus). Renato is member of the Editorial Board of PharmaNutrition and has been Guest Editor for two special issues of Molecules (Antioxidants and Methods in Polyphenol Analysis). He is a member of the Italian Botanical Society.