Our logo represent a blender with various fruits. We choosed this image as it summarizes our intent: we want to blend the different perspectives under which an edible plant can be evaluated: the botanical one, the chemical one, the nutritional one, the healthy one. As every project, we have our mission, our goals, our strategy.

Mission: Gather and coordinate, within the University of Parma, expertise in the different research areas devoted to agriculture, foodstuffs of plant origin and their chemical composition, quality control of edible and medicinal plant materials, human nutrition and to the safety and health benefits of plant foods.

Objectives: To increase the competitiveness towards national and international public grants; increase the attractiveness of our expertise to private partners by offering a complete methodological panel, from the field to the fork and from the bioactive molecule to the clinical trial; increase competitiveness and quality of our research; acquire visibility also outside of the academic milieu (media, public opinion); act as a competent and reliable resource of information for the private and for the public sector.

Strategy: Act as a truly interdisciplinar group based on merit, minimizing top-down hierachies and maximizing the exchange of informations; define in a cooperative manner specific tasks at various stages of design, planning, execution, disclosure of a research project; share analytical techniques and instrumentation; actuate common strategies for the identification of fellows and graduate students to be placed in co-mentoring between members of the group. And, above all, plan research projects that can offer actual and practical results and not just a small portion of the picture.